Letter From The E-I-C: The Annual TV Massacre Happens As Fan Favorites Get The Ax And Others Live On


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How many of you need tissues after this? If you are wondering why such a question is being asked, you might have been in living under rock this week. All hell broke loose, so to speak, in TV land as the dreaded (or welcomed, depending on the type of news delivered) week of TV renewal and cancellation announcements fell upon us, the one week out of the television season that makes fans queasy and anxious as they await the verdicts of the TV execs.

No fandom is safe during this week as The Powers That Be like to shock us all when it comes to deciding what gets another season (still not comprehending what FOX was thinking in giving Glee a reprieve for two seasons almost a year later). Fans gathered around world, with their breaths held, as the TV networks, one by one, handed out their sentences. Sounds awfully melancholic when stated like that, but in a way, with some of the decisions handed out this, some fans felt like they were criminals as the fates of their shows were revealed.

From FOX, the one that hurt personally was the lost of Almost Human. It really needed time to grow and get better. Networks really need to get past the habit of cutting Sci-fi shows before their time (hello, Firefly).

FOX didn’t gut too many from their line up; NBC had the pleasure of doing that. NBC pulled the plug on fan favorite Community after five seasons. If you happened to be on Twitter that day, the responses to that decision flooded the Twitterverse, some of them actually quite amusing. My personal fave? Wil Wheaton’s.

It wasn’t all bad news though. Personal favorites Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Scandal were given the go for another, making this Marvel and Gladiator in a suit really happy. Everyone’s weekly dose of fairytales Once Upon A Time was also renewed along with everyone’s favorite psychopath and sadist Hannibal (our resident Fannibal, Jamie Harsip, rejoiced quite happily after suffering for a few days).

Definitely check out us out to get all the updates on the renewals and cancellations as they were quite numerous. Some shows, however, are still waiting their fates (how cruel). Overall, it looks like many newcomers to the 2013-2014 TV season did not make the cut, which makes many wonder what the TV networks plan to do with all these gaps in their schedules.

No worries as the Upfronts are happening next week. Fans will get to see the official trailers for all the pilots picked up for the new TV season and hopefully begin to plot out their new fall watching schedules. We’ll be bringing you those beauties as they are shared with the world.

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