Letter From The E-I-C: Marvel Did A Thing That Made Us Cry And TV Finales Brought On The Heartache

Gif: Tumblr/Marvel
Gif: Tumblr/Marvel

Hello readers!

This week had us bringing out our tissue boxes and overfilling our trashcans with wads of tear soaked tissues with its events. If you are a sensitive soul, this week really wasn’t your week at all as hearts were breaking and aching all over the world as the 2013-2014 television season came to a close, and one of our favorite fandoms showcased their awesomeness off-screen in the most inspiring way.

The 2013-2014 television season took us all for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It had us crying, laughing, and screaming, often all at the same time. This week, many of our beloved shows came to a close for the season, and it seemed that the theme for the week was “Let’s break as many hearts as we can.” Nearly every finale found viewers reaching for their kleenexes as they found themselves sobbing in disbelief at some of the events that occurred on their favorite shows.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had the world weeping as two fan faves didn’t look like they were going to make it to next season (if you weren’t touched by FitzSimmons waxing on poetically about death, you have no heart). The Vampire Diaries possibly delivered the cruelest blow of them all as it looks like two major characters will not be coming back in the fall, one of them being the love of many fangirls all over the world (Julie Plec, you are a cruel mistress of heartache and heartbreak).

As for Grey’s Anatomy, fans said goodbye to the wonderfully snarky and sassy Cristina Yang after ten wonderful years of Cristina-isms. It was the perfect send off as we got snark, sass, and got to dance it out one last time with Yang and her person and twisted sister, Meredith. It was laughter through tears and dancing as our hearts were breaking; all in all, the perfect send off to Sandra Oh and her character.

Hopefully, the next television season, slated to begin this fall, will treat our hearts much kinder than this past season. As the summer rerun season sets upon us, the only thing that needs to be said is “Wake us up when September comes.”

As if the finales weren’t making us cry enough, Marvel finished us off by showing us their amazing heart and love for their fans in a heartwarming way. The Marvel Cinematic Universe family all rallied this week to raise awareness for a cancer and to grant a dying fan’s wish. #CapForStrat started off as a shot in the dark as one fan wanted to make her father’s dream come true by getting all his favorites in the MCU to rally for cancer awareness before he passes on. The turnout from the stars of the Marvel film franchises and shows was breathtaking and inspiring. From heroes (Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Clark Gregg) to villains (here’s looking at you, Tom Hiddleston), the MCU had no shortage of love to show for this fan.

When it comes to things of this nature, one usually sees the fans rallying around for the cause. Seeing it happen from the other side is oddly refreshing and a real spirit lifter. The campaign isn’t even a week old, and it looks like just about everyone has shared their love via selfie for this fan. Acts of kindness are rare these days and to see a fandom give back to its fans is a game changer. Perhaps we will see more of these kinds of stories now as opposed negativity. Either way, Marvel completely bowled me over with this act of amazing love. As if my love for them couldn’t grow anymore, my admiration and respect has grown ten-fold since then.

As we all finish drying up our tears, it is truly safe to say that pop-culture has a way of owning one’s heart and tugging at the heartstrings in some truly epically profound ways. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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