Letter From The E-I-C: Tom Hiddleston Shuts Down A Fandom And Orphan Black Returns!

Image: O'Neill/Todd G/Pacific News/
Image: O’Neill/Todd G/Pacific News/

Hello readers!

Pop culture had quite the week! A British import set the internet on fire with his latest project and the Clone Club finally returned to us. It’s so good to be alive these days and to be a pop culture nerd!

Tom Hiddleston, the classically trained British thespian best known for his role as Loki from the Thor franchise, had the interwebs buzzing this week. Pictures from the set of his latest project, Crimson Peak, the kinky gothic thriller helmed by Guillermo Del Toro, were released, much to the delight of fans everywhere. The pictures pretty much shut down his army of fans and have already spawned countless of memes. You can check out the best of the photos here.

I’ll be the first to admit that when Hiddleston took over the role of Thomas Sharpe from Benedict Cumberbatch, I was a bit concerned that one of my favorite actors was being pigeonholed (something that I will be addressing soon). After reading the synopsis, my concern grew a bit more but pictures have eased my mind a bit as it looks as though his character will be a complex one, full of surprises.

This week also marked the return of Orphan Black and all its glory. We spent the week celebrating the show and all its wonders. To say that we were waiting with bated breath is to put things mildly. Our own Whitney Pierce will be recounting her feels for you all in her recap for the season premiere but I will just say that this season looks like it will be a doozy and possibly, I dare say, even better than the first one, a rare feat for television programs.

The show is known for being full of jaw dropping twists and turns; the season premiere definitely upped the ante with a jaw dropping shocker….which I will let you all read about in Whitney’s recap. Also, I didn’t think it was quite possible to fall in love with Tatiana Maslany even more but I did again. Number one woman crush for sure.

Between these two events, all I can say is: “Can it be next Saturday AND October 2015 already?”

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