Letter From The E-I-C: Shakespeare Turned 450 And The Avengers’ Bromance Won Everyone’s Hearts

Letter From The E-I-C: Shakespeare Turned 450 And The Avengers' Bromance Won Everyone's Hearts

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

Hello loyal readers,

Pop culture had a lot to celebrate this week as a literary giant celebrated an epic milestone of a birthday, and one of cinemas’ most loved bromances caused a frenzy with their friendship. It was a week of good feelings all around; one couldn’t help but just smile at the entertainment world this week.

The week got off to an amazing start as William Shakespeare celebrated his 450th birthday, and the rest of the world was quick to show their love for The Bard. From celebs to entertainment news sites to fan accounts, there was no shortage of love for the legendary playwright (we even got in on the fun here at 4 Your Excitement). It was such a delight to see people quoting him and sharing their favorites of his works, some thing that has been relegated to Shakespeare Sunday for the most part thanks to the fantastic fan site and twitter account Hollowcrownfans.

It was genuinely heartwarming as well to hear about people and their experiences with the Bard, especially actors. One can do a random YouTube search and find several videos of Tom Hiddleston and Sir Kenneth Branagh, two well known Shakespeare aficionados, which I am certain did happen during this week on more than one occasion.

This week also saw the return of the Science Bros. If you are not a Marvel fan, that may not mean much to you but everything to Marvelites. Marvel fans have been waiting on pins and needles for anything to surface about what is going on the set of the upcoming sequel to the mega hit The Avengers. The Science Bros, Iron Man and the Hulk, played by Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, have not let the fans down. This week, the charismatic actors were tweeting up a storm and sharing some amazing on the set fun with fans.

The Science Bros got their name during their first meeting as they are both scientists. Their scenes were some of the best ones in the film (next to Loki’s), and it is truly refreshing to see that the camaraderie lives on offscreen. Fingers are crossed that they keep up the bromantic tweets.

It is always nice to have such a heartwarming week of pop culture. Let’s see what next week brings us.

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