Teen Wolf Meets Ninjas In “Silverfinger”

Photo courtesy of MTV
Photo courtesy of MTV

Holy Moly Batman! This week’s Teen Wolf was jammed packed! Lucky for you, I took so notes so you’re covered! The episode begins with a flashback. Argent is recalling the first time he encountered the shadow ninjas and there was another man, Katashi, who survived as well. They were after some supernatural being that Argent had never seen before.

Turns out Katashi has been in town for over a year and has a soft spot for antique weapons which Argent also conveniently collects. He plans on using this to get in to talk to Katashi to find some answers regarding the shadow ninjas.

Scott gets flanked by the twins en route to school. They are still hounding him to join his pack. He’s starting to waiver and agrees to let them help now that they’ve been touched by the shadows. He ditches them to go talk to Stiles, who is a bit worse for the wear.

Back in the chemistry lab Stiles is recounting everything he had discovered earlier that morning. He had the key to lock Barrow in the closet, and it was him who wrote the message on the board. More importantly the shrapnel bomb Barrow built was almost exactly like the prank they pulled on coach (screws in a wrapped box). Scott is unsettled by Stiles’ state of mind and urges him to head home and get some rest.

Instead of going home he goes straight to the hospital and checks himself in. Mrs. McCall does his intake paper work and he explains how he has had 8 hours of sleep in the past 3 days. Not to mention the panic attacks and vivid dreams. She gives him a sedative to help him get some sleep and as he’s drifting off he utters ‘Thanks, Mom’. Oh the feels. Here there come… Mrs. McCall gets a case of the feels too. You can see it in her eyes.

Mrs. McCall knows that she has seen his symptoms before and goes to the file room to check. She pulls a file and it’s the same thing, acute insomnia, vivid dream, irrational actions. The file belonged to Stiles mother who passed away in 2004.

Kira is smitten with Scott and spends her morning recounting the previous evening. She is aware of his secret and I think a little turned on. She asked him to change so she could see and she caressed his wolfed-up face with so much emotion I was getting a little turned on. But I digress. Scott manages to break away from the twins with Kira’s help to whisk her back to his house to wait out the night since Deaton installed an ‘alarm’ system. Catch is only his mom can activate it.

While there she show’s Scott a children’s book of Japanese folklore. She is a Kitsune, or a firefox. The tension builds between the two and Kira tries to break it by pointing out that foxes and wolves don’t get along according to her story. Scott laughs and is about to go in for the kill when he hears someone come in.

It’s Agent McCall and he knows that they were at the station the other night. Apparently when his laptop is opened it snaps a picture. Unfortunately Agent McCall came at the wrong time. The sun sets and the Shadow Ninjas are back in full force.

Katashi is not going to be that easy to get a hold of so Argent’s latest plan has Isaac acting as the salesman. He is doubtful of his skills and Allison helps him get into the mindset. She pulls him in for an impromptu lip lock and a bit of an ass grab and that’s all he needs to get his confidence flowing.

It seems Katashi has a werewolf on staff as well and he will be the one conducting the business. He offers Isaac $150,000 for the gun and Isaac insists on counting it to buy Argent and Allison some time to find Katashi. Unfortunately, this wolf sees right through him and hauls his ass off to the boss.

Allison and Argent have already found him and he begins to tell them about the Kitsune. There are 13 different kind and the shadow ninjas, or Oni, are after a certain kind: nogitsune, or a dark kitsune. This is someone who has such darkness in their soul and isn’t themselves. The oni seek out supernatural beings and scan their souls for the darkness and if they pass they are left with the mark that signifies self.

However, there is no way to defeat them. Katashi goes on to thank Argent for shooting one of the oni that fateful night. He was about to run for his life and ruin his reputation. But by Argent firing that bullet he was able to flee and keep his honor, and for that he is forever grateful. He wishes the trio well but warns them that no matter who the nogitsune is, even if it’s Allison, it must be killed.

Back at the McCall house hold, Agent McCall goes to investigate the Oni that appeared and he is stabbed in the shoulder. Mrs. McCall comes is but is a few seconds too late to set the alarm. Derek and the twins rush in to help and after a short battle they have moved the Oni outside of the house. Mrs. McCall throws the mountain ash down creating a force field that they cannot cross.

With a few seconds to spare Allison calls to inform Scott of all they know, which most he had already found out. The biggest thing is they need to not fight and just let the oni do their scan. At the same time Derek fills the twins in that Kira is supernatural as well as she is in fact a kitsune. The three wolves jump to the conclusion that it’s Kira that the oni want and she starts to believe it too. The thing about the kitsune is they are a trickster. So how does she know that she doesn’t possess a dark soul?

Scott reassures her that he knows she is good. He is willing to die for her and as the oni begin to break down the barrier they hold hands and prepare to face them. After some intense seconds the scan is complete and both come out of it. With the oni gone they can focus on getting Agent McCall to the hospital.

He and his ex-wife have a cryptic exchange while the chaos is unfolding. He asks her if she knows why he came back. She was quiet and he pleads with her to get Scott. He then repeats that he knows she knows why he’s back in town and Melissa finally nods. I’m glad they know why, but I want to know why. Because seriously this guy’s an ass.

Stiles finally comes to at the hospital and Mrs. McCall is gone. He takes it upon himself to start wandering. He finds himself in an empty OR and is soon surround by the oni…. But what’s this?! I thought Stiles was not supernatural!? What is going on?

They go to do their scan but stiles grabs the oni’s arm and snaps him. He then dives his arm into the oni’s chest and removes a firefly and he dissolves. The four remaining oni look on and it appears that they have found their nogitsune. The next part is up for debate, some say Stiles then killed the oni but I believe that he become one with the oni.

Scott finds Stiles standing alone in the ER and asks him if everything is all right. He snaps out of whatever trance he was in and shrugs it off. He’s fine, but what’s up with him. The episode ends and we now are left waiting on the edge of our seats until next week!