Revenge’s Emily Thorne Gets Comic Book Treatment

Courtesy of HitFix
Courtesy of HitFix

We have to wait until March to find out what’s next for Emily Thorne when Revenge returns, but in the mean time we look forward to see what her comic book version is up too! Marvel and ABC will collaborate once again this fall to create an original graphic novel set in the universe of the ABC Sunday drama-thriller Revenge,  following the success of their Once Upon a Time collaborative comic.

The comic book tie-in to the show was announced by USA Today this weekend, and will provide even more of a back story for the shows protagonist.

Revenge’s executive producer Sunil Nayer told USA Today about the upcoming comic, “We’re bursting to tell the origin of the woman you see that shows up in the pilot, as differentiated from the girl who was thrown into (juvenile detention) when her dad was taken from her.”

Not only is it exciting to see Revenge transition into the medium of graphic novels, but it’s refreshing that Marvel is embarking on a a comic lead by a strong female. “There’s an often-underserved female audience out there, and Revenge, both as a graphic novel and TV show, can fill that void for a lot of fans looking for a kickass character,” series writer Ted Sullivan said.

There are definitely no female leads in the comic verse quite like Emily, so it should be interesting to see her her story is told through this medium. As Sullivan pointed out, with Emily’s complex background and many villains, the story seems a perfect fit to be told this way. She really is a “comic book character” as Sullivan said. “She has an identity — she’s a rich person who poses as a socialite during the day and at night exacts vengeance.”

The graphic novel’s co-writer Erica Schulz elaborated that the comic will go back to the beginning where “things don’t fall into place, she has to think fast on her feet.” She explained that the Emily Thorne we see now on the show is the “sum of all the lessons learned and beatings taken in this graphic novel.”

The graphic novel will have art by Vincenzo Balzano and Dustin Nguyen, and will be co-written by Shultz and Revenge writer Ted Sullivan. The book will hit book shelves on September 3.



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