Neil Gaiman’s American Gods may be coming to a TV near you


Cover of 2001 Hardcover edition. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
Cover of 2001 Hardcover edition. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

It’s funny how stories stay with you long after you’ve read them. It was 2007, and I was on a beach in Costa Rica volunteering at a turtle sanctuary (long story) with some downtime between shifts. The camp had a collection of books previous volunteers had left behind… and American Gods by Neil Gaiman was one of them. I read it in mere days – it was thoroughly engrossing. The idea of Old Gods (from various cultural mythologies) versus the New Gods (representing the internet, computers, media) in our everyday world seemed especially poignant in that place, at that time. These gods existed in America (the USA, to be exact) because people believed in them. It was that simple, but the novel itself was anything but. Never mind that this book was also the Best Novel winner in 2002 at the Hugo Awards, Nebula Awards, Locus, as well as Bram Stoker Awards – this is a proper GOOD book. Even if I thought the sex scenes served no purpose other than narrative punctuation, but I digress.

Fast forward almost 7 years to the recent announcement by Neil Gaiman himself (and Deadline) that Fremantle Media (North America division) have acquired the rights to adapt this story into a television series.

More good news, Escapist Magazine reports that Gaiman will also serve as executive producer on the show.

Perhaps Fremantle will have more success bringing this project to fruition than HBO did. For fans of Gaiman’s Anansi Boys, that one’s rights have been snapped up by RED who plan to make a TV mini-series of it for the BBC. How’s that for the proverbial “cherry on top”? And if and when they come to a TV screen near me, I’ll be a-watchin’!

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