Make 2014 Singles Awareness Day Your Best Ever

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We’re quickly approaching that date in February that sends shivers down so many of ours spines… be you single or all nicely coupled up. As those smug couples are running around like chooks with their heads cut off trying to score that last minute dinner reservation at THE restaurant and attempting to convince themselves that red roses and chocolates aren’t too cliché she’ll love them, those of us singletons are looking for ways just to make it through the day with our sanity in tact. However, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day to be dreaded for the single. There’s no reason for us to be holed up under the doona (or duvet for all you non-Australians) gorging on ice cream, drinking out of the bottle and ugly crying while watching the first Bridget Jones Diary. No, we need to reclaim February 14 as Singles Awareness Day/Anti-Valentine’s Day, whatever name suits your purpose that year. Now read on for a selection of awesome things you can do on the day. Please note, Desperate and Dateless type events are not included in this list. Yes they have their benefits but really that’s why we have Tinder and Grindr isn’t it?

1. Head to your local museum

One of the things I loved during my time living in London was the Adults Only museum late nights. Normally these take place the last Friday of the month, but a number of museums have thrown open their doors for some Valentine’s Day fun. Yes you’re still likely to come across the loved-up, but when there’s booze, interactive games, special adults only exhibits, what could be more fun?? Check out your local museums but here’s a few I have come across. Museum of London’s Late London: City of Seduction. – involves drinks, naked models for life drawing, dancing lessons, stories and artifacts from London’s sordid past and a whole lot more. National Museum of Australia’s – Night at the Museum: Love – “The galleries will all be open, the music will be pumping, games will be played, art will be produced and the drinks will be flowing” all in aid of exploring just what love is and means. New York Transit Museum’s Missed Connections – though a bit of a singles night outing this looks to be like so much fun. With music, flirting, drinks, craft and all taking place among vintage trains and a decommissioned subway station, you’ll have no excuse not to find out if that fellow commuter is interested or not.

2. Anti-Valentine’s Pub night

You can call it a Singles Awareness Day pub night, but this is what we dubbed our event back in my uni days. Gather all your single mates (couples generally are not allowed unless there’s a very good reason) and hit your local. This was one of THE events in our social calendar and always went off. People would actually try and remain single from the end of January just so they wouldn’t miss it. Pubs aren’t traditional Valentine’s venues (though the UK would be an exception there). This means that you’re unlikely to have to witness the cringe-worthy displays of undying love so go out, have fun with your mates and celebrate how awesome you all are.

3. Going to the movies

Probably not the best place to go on Valentine’s Day but why should an arbitrary date and a single status stop you from checking out one of the many great flicks out at the moment, especially in the midst of award season? I’d steer clear of anything rom-com (that goes without saying), however, there are plenty of awesome movies out that should fit the bill. Ones that should be fairly safe include The Monuments Men, 12 Years A Slave, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Dallas Buyers Club, and Saving Mr Banks.

4. Game Night

Gather your mates over at someone’s place and have an old fashioned game night. With drinks flowing, good food and company you actually like and want to spend time with, break out your Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Scattergories, Charades and the like, and appreciate everyone’s unique skills and take on life. There’s plenty of ideas out there on the net of games to play. Even better if you have a group of friends with the same interests as you and can have a fandom theme night – Doctor Who, The X-Files, Star Wars, Glee, Lord of the Rings – all have board and/or video games associated with them and surely someone in your group has a copy.

5. Spa Day/Night

Generally one for the girls, though more and more guys are seeing the fun of spa days so I’m not excluding you. We’re all special and deserved to be pampered and have someone tend to us for a change, even if it’s only a few hours. Go as a group or on your own and enjoy a nice massage, manicure, pedicure or whatever tickles your fancy. Many places will have a Valentine’s package so make sure you investigate that as you’ll often have a glass of bubbles thrown in and some sweet treatment packages.

6. Do something for someone else

While ideally we should be doing this as much as possible, that often isn’t achievable for many. The holidays bring a flood of people looking to help out in the community so why not bring a bit of joy and love into someone else’s life this Valentine’s Day. Contact your local homeless shelters, religious centres, youth centres or whatever charity deals with a cause that is dear to you and see what you can do to help them.

That’s just a few ideas of what you can do as a fabulous singleton this Friday night. Whether you do one, a combination or none of these, we hope you have a great Singles Awareness Day. Let us know how you celebrated it or any other suggestions that have been a success in the past for you.


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