BBC America Treat Fans With Orphan Black Sneak Peeks

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Attention Clone Club!!

In case you missed the announcement, Orphan Black is releasing a short clip every day for eight days via the Orphan Black Instagram account.

The first one was released on Wednesday and featured some drama at the Dyad institute, read about it and check out the clip here.

The second clip was released on Thursday, and features Cosima. We found out at the end of last season that Cosima is sick and in the clip we see her getting a shot and saying, “This is my biology. It’s my decision.” The clip was released with a Save Cosima hashtag, which sent Cosima fans into a panic. Unfortunately for Clone Clubbers, we don’t get the same comfort as we do for other shows, and we’ve already lost a couple clones…

The third clip was released today and is titled, “Alison Gets Abducted.” Alison is at her minivan when two men come up and grab her. Of course she carries pepper spray and a rape whistle, but that doesn’t stop them from getting her into their car. When she gets in the car she asks a mystery person, “Who in the hell are you?!” I kind of really loved this clip, not because of the abduction, but because it was just so Alison to have a whistle and pepper spray. Although I wish they had been somewhat useful.

What do you think about the clips? Is Cosima safe? Who abducted Alison?

We were also treated to a new trailer for the show as well, which you can see right here.

Keep an eye out over the next five days as we will bring you the new clips as they come out.