First Trailer For Tina Fey’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Is Here

Check out Tina Fey’s next outing on the big screen.

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Desperate Plastics? Lindsay Lohan Talks About Her Idea for ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel

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Kelli Heidelberger

This year is the tenth anniversary for the film, Mean Girls. With so many other films getting sequels done, I[…]

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Is A Hocus Pocus Sequel Happening? And What Has Tina Fey Got To Do With Any Of It?

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  News of sequels abounds, and now it’s the turn of Hocus Pocus…or is it? The project was first mooted[…]

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That’s So Fetch: Amanda Seyfried Talks Mean Girls Anniversary

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2014 marks the ten-year anniversary of iconic teen movie Mean Girls, released in 2004, and throughout this year so far[…]

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