4 Your Consideration: VR Making Strong Comeback in Entertainment Thanks to Oculus and Google

The future is now.

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Wired Wednesday: Sharknado: The Game: Yes, It’s A Real Thing And It’s Coming To An iTunes Near You!

Sarah Goddard is the Senior Managing Editor of 4 Your Excitement. In addition to 4YE, she worked at PopWrapped as a Content Editor. Sarah is the mother to a wonderful 5 year old son, nurturing his passion for the arts with her work. Sarah can be found on twitter, sharing her love and her rants on some of her favorite pop culture topics. Sarah considers herself a Gleek and often covers Glee related pieces for 4YE.
Sarah Goddard

Because a movie and a sequel is just not enough! The Sharknado phenomena is set to grow again with the[…]

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Wired Wednesday: ‘Watch Dogs’ Might Be One of the Most Overhyped Games of All Time

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably been seeing the words “Watch Dogs” all over your social media feedsĀ and forums.[…]

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Who’s Watching the ‘Watch Dogs’ Disastrous Launch Day?

The super hot and highly anticipated game, Watch Dogs, was finally released today, but only to disappoint those who pre-ordered[…]

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Wired Wednesday: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is Designed To Eliminate Laptops

Wired Wednesday: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is Designed to Eliminate All Laptops

Microsoft unveiled its new Surface Pro 3 at an event in New York City yesterday. Although the Surface Pro 3[…]

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Wired Wednesday: A Closer Look at Curse Voice Beta for League of Legends

In our last Wired Wednesday, we went over the changes that the modified Curse Voice program had made. It’s no[…]

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Xbox One Price Drops From $499 To $399 To Compete With PlayStation 4

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will be dropping its retail price on the console from $499 to $399[…]

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Trick or Treat, Or How About Both? Trick Your Boss Into Thinking You’re Working

Summer is approaching fast, and with warm sunny days around the corner, we really can’t be blamed for wanting to[…]

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Wired Wednesday: Curse Voice Is Back To Provide The Best Gaming Experience

It’s been a disappointing past couple of days for Curse Voice users. In the midst of League of Legends players[…]

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Wired Wednesday: Lower Your Voices, Because This Table Lamp Can Live-Tweet Your Conversations

Anything can be shared within seconds these days, whether it’s a text message, (naughty) photos, or videos through the internet.[…]

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