Fittings, Sparkle and Broadway: Glee’s Andrea Medina Takes Us Behind The Scenes

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Clare Sidoti is 4 Your Excitement's Editor-at-Large. Clare has a BA (Theatre and Film Studies) from the University of New South Wales, Australia and an MA Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Essex, UK. She currently works for an NGO that runs human rights training in the Asia Pacific region. You can find her on twitter with her eclectic musings on the arts, entertainment and human rights. Some of her favourite topics to cover include Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Glee and Star Wars.
Clare Sidoti
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An episode of Glee averages 14 main cast members, each of which undergoes five costume changes per episode. That’s roughly 70[…]

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Part 1 – Tails. Two Sides Of The Same Coin: Why I Love And Loathe Glee At The Same Time

Sarah Goddard is the Senior Managing Editor of 4 Your Excitement. In addition to 4YE, she worked at PopWrapped as a Content Editor. Sarah is the mother to a wonderful 5 year old son, nurturing his passion for the arts with her work. Sarah can be found on twitter, sharing her love and her rants on some of her favorite pop culture topics. Sarah considers herself a Gleek and often covers Glee related pieces for 4YE.
Sarah Goddard

  I love Glee. Of course what I mean by that is, I love Glee when I’m not hating it.[…]

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Glee Season 5 Fashion Report Card: See How Your Faves Stacked Up

Heather O'Connell is a Content Editor and Instagram Leader for 4 Your Excitement. Along with working for 4YE, she previously worked as a content editor for Popwrapped. Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Cleveland State University and an Associate of Arts degree from Lorain County Community College, . Besides being a full-time college student, she's also working part-time in retail. She can be found on twitter sharing her love of life and pop culture. Heather is a total Gleek, WWE Fan, and Diannasaur aka Dianna Agron fan and those tend to be two of her favorite things to write about besides fashion for 4YE.
Heather O'Connell

This is totally based on my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree it’s all in good fun! I’ll be[…]

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