4 Your Consideration: VR Making Strong Comeback in Entertainment Thanks to Oculus and Google

The future is now.

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Karen Gillan Discusses Her Heartbreaking “The Time Of The Doctor” Cameo

Audiovisual communication student, focusing on filmmaking. Writer-at-large at 4YE and full-time fangirl.

Marvel is her main thing, Gary Oldman is God and Martin Scorsese is her favourite uncle.

Coffee makes her world go round. So does Edgar Wright.

Find her on twitter as @AdrienneTyler !

Remember when Amy Pond appeared on last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special to say farewell to the Eleventh Doctor? Do[…]

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Wired Wednesday: The New Amazon Fire TV Might Just Burn Apple TV and Roku To Ashes

At an event in New York City earlier today, Amazon unveiled its newest streaming device: Amazon Fire TV. It’s a[…]

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Oculus Co-Founder and Family Receives Death Threats For Selling Out To Facebook

After Facebook had acquired Oculus for $2 billion last week, thousands of supporters, followers, and fans flooded the Reddit discussion[…]

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Whatsapp Wasn’t Enough For Zuckerberg, Facebook Buys Oculus VR For $2 Billion

Remember how I said virtual reality would completely redefine the “quality and excellence of gaming” in my last Wired Wednesday post? According[…]

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