Off To The World Of Dreams: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gives An Update On The Sandman Movie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about the “slow and steady” progress on the film adaptation of Sandman.

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Merlin’s Colin Morgan Joins an All-Star Cast for BBC Radio 4’s “Good Omens”

Kayleigh Falvey is a Staff Writer for 4YE and has previously written for PopWrapped. She also has her own blog. She is based in Ireland (For Now!)
Kayleigh Falvey

Colin Morgan has joined the cast of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s drama Good Omens, on BBC Radio 4. Good[…]

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Hansel And Gretel To Hit The Big Screen In New Live Action Movie

Lover of all things theatrical, literature related, musical and Gleeful. Writer, actress, wife and mother.

A new Hansel and Gretel live action film is in the works, according to Variety. The movie will be based[…]

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Bryan Fuller Gives Us An Updated On His Adaptation Of American Gods for STARZ

Ever since we found out Bryan Fuller and Michael Green were working with Neil Gaiman on a TV adaptation of[…]

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‘American Gods,’ Neil Gaiman and Bryan Fuller Combine In One Epic TV Collaboration

The greatest thing you never knew you wanted to happen is happening. I’m trying to steady my vitals here. Whew. Okay.[…]

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Jack Thorne To Write New Sandman Movie

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Sunil Gangarh
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Jack Thorne, creator of The Fades, has been asked by Warner Bros to write a Sandman movie following treatment from David S.[…]

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Hank Green Explains All Our Feelings About Book Publishing (Both Good and Bad)

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues is a Journalism student who spends more time writing about pop culture than doing her readings. You can read more of her work on, ANDPOP,, and
Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

If we didn’t already know that Hank Green was our spirit animal, we do now. In today’s vlogbrothers video Hank rants about[…]

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Neil Gaiman’s American Gods may be coming to a TV near you

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Sigrid is a BA graduate of UBC where she double majored in English Literature and Art History. She gets distracted from continuing her MA with the University of Nottingham by music, theatre (Bard on the Beach and NT Live in particular), TV and film, and a good bit of the pop culture that goes along with it, and by writing about most of the above. Social media is an outlet, an opportunity, and an inspiration.
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  It’s funny how stories stay with you long after you’ve read them. It was 2007, and I was on[…]

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