Pandemic Ends Broadway Run For Mean Girls

Pandemic fallout leads to decision to close.

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Desperate Plastics? Lindsay Lohan Talks About Her Idea for ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel

Kelli is a writer from Southern California. She buys more books than she can read. She enjoys long discussions on books, movies, and television shows. In another life she wishes to be a rock star or a makeup artist. She is also the art/lit editor at
Kelli Heidelberger

This year is the tenth anniversary for the film, Mean Girls. With so many other films getting sequels done, I[…]

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4YE Quick Lists: Seventeen On-Screen Musical Moments (From Non-Musicals)

Zoe Ambrozewska is a Lead Content Editor at 4 Your Excitement. In addition to 4YE, she worked at PopWrapped as a Content Editor and writes for her University newspaper The Badger. Zoe has been always enjoyed English literature and language, and has wanted to be a journalist since a young age. She is currently working towards a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and American Studies from the University of Sussex. You can find her on twitter with her personal feels on everything she finds exciting.

I want to start this piece with a brief history lesson. The art of musical theatre can be traced way[…]

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