Elle Fanning Invents The Sci-Fi Genre In The First Mary Shelley Trailer

Hard to believe that a challenge could change literature.

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Elle Fanning to Play Mary Shelley in New Movie About the Writers Life

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Kayleigh Falvey

Elle Fanning is set to play Mary Shelley, the woman behind the classic story Frankenstein, in a new film directed[…]

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Daniel Radcliffe’s New Frankenstein Film Gets New Title, Plot Details Revealed

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  Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie based around Frankenstein becomes more confusing by the day. Readers of Mary Shelly’s original book[…]

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Daniel Radcliffe Rocks Long Hair For New Movie ‘Frankenstein’

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‘The Boy Who Lived’ has already proved that he can adapt to other roles in movies away from the Harry[…]

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