Happy Birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! 4YE Celebrates all Things Cumberbatch With a Gif Hunt & More

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Melissa LoParco is a Senior Editor at 4 Your Excitement. She has her MSc in Publishing from Edinburgh Napier University and an Honours BA in Journalism and English Literature from the University of Toronto. Melissa has always been passionate about three things: books, pop-culture, and hockey and by working at 4YE she is able two channel two of the three into her writing. Follow her on Twitter to see a wide range of topics coming together on one feed. Favourite topics include Sherlock, Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Marvel, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and YA novels to name a few.
Melissa LoParco
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  It’s no secret that we at 4 Your Excitement have the utmost admiration for Benedict Cumberbatch. Who doesn’t though? Cumberbatch is[…]

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