Millie Bobby Brown Weighs In On Possibility Of Enola Holmes Sequel

We’re here for more Enola.

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4 Your Consideration: Finding The Way Back Doesn’t Showcase Ben Affleck’s Best Performance

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Erika Negrón Rivera is the Editor In Chief of 4 Your Excitement. In addition to 4YE, she worked at PopWrapped as a Senior Editor. Erika has been nurturing her passion for the written word for years, having works published while still in high school, fueling her love for writing. She currently has a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and works in the school systems as Before and Afterschool Assistant, with her expertise being in the arts and crafts area. You can find her on twitter with her daily musings on everything Pop Culture. Some of her favorite topics to cover include Tom Hiddleston and Orphan Black.
Erika Negrón Rivera
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Finding The Way Back is the latest movie featuring Hollywood star Ben Affleck. It is a sports drama movie, directed[…]

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Netflix’s Trailer For The Documentary On The Watts Family Murders Gives Voice To The Victims

Senior Editor at 4YE
Rebecca "Bec" Heim is the Senior Editor for 4YE. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Scranton. She also has an MA in Film-Radio-Television from Syracuse University and an MFA in Screenwriting from Boston University. She enjoys reading through her ever growing mountain of books, talking way too much about superheroes, and trying to reach transcendental state.
Bec Heim

Netflix’s latest true crime doc is taking a uniquely heartbreaking way in one of the most horrific murders in recent[…]

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