Hurrah, We Can All Get A Selfie With Benedict Cumberbatch (The Wax One, That Is)

Madame Tussauds have unveiled their Benedict Cumberbatch waxwork, meaning we can now all photobomb him til our heart’s content.

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4YE Quicklist: Why “Gilmore Girls” Coming to Netflix is the Best Thing Ever

Hooray for Gilmore Girls fans,  as we previously reported, all seven seasons are now available to stream on US Netflix.[…]

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4YE’s VidFunZone: SNL Gives us “Marvel’s Coming Attractions”

Adrienne Tyler

Audiovisual communication student, focusing on filmmaking. Writer-at-large at 4YE and full-time fangirl.

Marvel is her main thing, Gary Oldman is God and Martin Scorsese is her favourite uncle.

Coffee makes her world go round. So does Edgar Wright.

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Last night, our guardian leader Chris Pratt hosted Saturday Night Live, and we obviously went wild with his charm and[…]

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