Annie Murphy Is A Homicidal Sitcom Wife In The Kevin Can F**k Himself Trailer

You ever wish that beautiful yet nagging sitcom wife would just tell her husband off?

Good news! Kevin Can F***k Himself is here to deliver a scathing takedown of a tired old trope. Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) plays Allison, meek wife to the gregarious Kevin (Eric Petersen). Allison, however, is starting to “wake-up” so to speak from her sitcom existence and start getting mad at Kevin.

The show mixes a sitcom format with a single cam drama. As Valerie Armstrong said to EW, “She’s not an actor. It’s just the way this world is presented. It’s like a lens. It’s a metaphor for the benefit of the doubt we’ve given men like Kevin forever. Men who get to like walk through life with a sitcom audience cheering them on all the time.”

Given that it looks Allison is plotting to kill Kevin? It looks like he’s not long for this world.

Kevin Can F**k Himself will hit AMC in Summer 2021.

Bec Heim

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