4YE Quicklist: Best Bingo Games in Hollywood Movies


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Bingo. It is arguably the most popular game of chance in the world. Tens of millions of people play this game each year, because it is a simple game to play and people of all ages can enjoy it. Plus, it gives family and friends an opportunity to gather together to partake in this fun game while they chat and attempt to win, getting to shout out enthusiastically the word, “BINGO!”

Great at the Casino

Because of its popularity, it is not surprising that bingo has become one of the favorites of players at casinos, whether online or at land-based facilities. It is a game that allows people to enjoy playing for hours without having to spend additional money on cards or to keep playing. In fact, because of its design, bingo enables people to play up to four hours for a very small buy-in. A great value.

The game was already extremely popular at land-based casinos, and that enthusiasm has transferred to the online world as well. The best bingo sites were quick to make this available according to BestBingoSites.co.uk. They recognized that it was a great game to keep people returning to their site.

Hollywood Follows What Is Popular

One of the positive things that can be said about Hollywood is that they are quick to build on a genre that is popular with audiences. As an example, for generations audiences have loved gangster movies, and this has led to a number of blockbuster films. In fact, it even led to a recent musical about the fall of Machine Gun Kelly.

Because of the popularity of Bingo, it is not surprising that Hollywood would use the popular game as a backdrop for scenes within movies. There have been several over the years that have included the popular game, and here is a list of the very best of them.

Hotel Transylvania

People often think of Bingo as a kid’s game, so it is not surprising that one of the choices on our list was this animated classic. Using skull-shaped bingo balls, the monsters in the movie played out an extremely competitive version of the game. The action got so heated that Mrs. Frankenstein had the winning card, but it was devoured by one of her competitors. Truly a golden use of this game.


Video games have been born again in movies and Rampage is one such example. This movie was based upon the videogame series by Midway Games by the same name, and followed the story of a genetic experiment gone wrong. That does not sound like much of a backdrop for a bingo game, but there is a scene where the killer wanders into a hall where lots are playing bingo. They are so focused on the game that they do not even notice his presence. The scene is greatly ironic, as they do not even notice an evil monster in their midst.

Bad Grandpa

This movie is from the creators of Jackass. One of the most enjoyable parts about Bingo is that players are able to converse and get to know other players around them. While competing against one another, a genuine feeling of camaraderie develops among players at the table. This is what happens in Bad Grandpa, when Irving Zisman engages in conversations with several people around him. Sadly, he is not necessarily looking to engage with others, but to push them to their limits, including drinking the fluid from one of the bingo markers. It is a truly hysterical scene.

Better Call Saul

In the film, Saul calls a bingo game. This occurs in a retirement home, and his antics in the calling of the game is certainly unique, not only bringing laughter from the audience but from the characters in the movie as well. It was truly a thing of beauty and earned itself a place on this list.

Beach Blanket Bingo

Ok, so this movie is like 80 years old, but you can argue with a film that includes the word bingo and its title. This was a 1960s classic, which included a love triangle between star-crossed lovers enjoying their summer out on the beach. Best of all, they still found time to get a game of bingo in during the two-hour film. Even on the beach as teenagers, bingo is still fun.


Once again, when you include the word Bingo in your title, it has a good shot of earning its place on this list. In this case, Bingo is the name of the dog who ran away from the circus and later saves the life of a boy but is abandoned when they move away. We understand that the movie is not exactly about the game, but it deserved a special place here anyway. After all, who doesn’t love a heartfelt story about a dog and his boy.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

One more movie made our list. In this case, Larry plays a game of Bingo with his dad while visiting him at an old folk’s home. The game makes the perfect backdrop during their conversation and the characters surrounding them are amusing.

Bingo is truly a great game and no doubt it deserves place in the annals of Hollywood. Fortunately, the film industry has been wise enough to include this game in film.

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