4YE Reviews: Machine Gun Kelly’s Downfalls High Is The Musical Movie We Needed

Credit: downfallshigh.com

“Sometimes you can love somebody or something so much that people will think you’re crazy. The thing is, most people love the wrong things in a world where everybody wants millions of dollars and likes on the internet. There was a boy who gave up everything because all he wanted was her.” And that’s how it starts. A one of a kind musical movie directed by Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) and Mod Sun (Derek Ryan Smith), telling the teenage love story of the year.

Downfalls High follows the story of Phoenix James who falls in love with Scarlett. A beautiful love story with some dark turns that Phoenix tries to cope with. He starts making music and trying to find his way through all the ups and downs. The musical contribution to this comes from Machine Gun Kelly’s new album Tickets to my Downfall. While Machine Gun Kelly along with other musical artists does not play a certain role in the movie where they would interact with Phoenix, the musical acts come in along the story. It’s like watching a movie filled with music videos that are serving the story. But on the other hand, the story is also serving the musical acts bringing more emotion to them and giving a theme that runs through MGK’s new album. And it’s really catching. It has a fascinating depth to it and gives us a new way to experience music and story.

This is not a typical movie musical and the whole concept of it feels fresh, young and wild. Besides that Machine Gun Kelly proves that he is a rockstar. Even before the movie came out it was described as “a first of its kind musical film experience” and that feels accurate. The movie narrated by Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker stars Chase Hudson as Phoenix and Sydney Sweeney as Scarlett. As the songs of Tickets to my Downfall are set around the story Machine Gun Kelly is featured in every musical performance and joined by other musicians such as Travis Barker, Trippie Redd, Blackbear and Iann Dior.

The movie premiered on the 15th January on Machine Gun Kelly’s official Facebook page completely free to watch. But the best thing is that it is still available to re-watch on Facebook. The link to it can be found on the Downfalls High Website along with merch and if you happen to become a real fan, you can get your Downfalls High Diploma there with the opportunity to enter your name and your major course.