Nicolas Cage Drops A Couple Of F-Bombs In The Trailer For Netflix’s History Of Swear Words

Gather around everyone, Nicolas Cage is going to teach us some things.

In case you think that the series about the history, evolution, and cultural impact on profanity was going to be bleeping things out, Cage spends the first 10 seconds screaming “f—” at the top of his lungs. So, you know, NSFW warning for all.

As Cage explains, swear words are “the most popular and alluring taboos we have”. Over the course of the season’s six episodes (each tackling a different word), we’re going to talk to ¬†historians, etymologists, and pop culture experts plus some special sweary guest stars about the evolution of each word.

Let’s all get f—d in the motherf—ing damn knowledge hole that is our brains, huh?

History of Swear Words will hit Netflix on Jan. 5.

Bec Heim