Lucifer Adds Alias Alum Merrin Dungey And Deadpool’s Brianna Hildebrand For Final Season

Credit: Netflix

It’s going to take a while to meet these new characters, but colored us intrigued for what’s going down in Lucifer‘s sixth and final season.

According to EW, Merrin Dungey (Alias) and Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) have joined the fantasy procedural for its sixth and final season. Based on their character descriptions? Colored us intrigued.

Dungey will play Sonya, who is described as “a no-nonsense uniform cop who forms an unlikely bond with Amenadiel [DB Woodside]”. Definitely would be interesting to see. Amenadiel interacting with humans is fun. Plus due to the fact that Lucifer will have a Black Lives Matter focused episode in its final season, we’re definitely curious to see where this plotline with the pair would go.

Brianna Hildebrand will play an angel, Rory. Definitely interesting name for an angel: Rory. Usually, names end with “el”. Rory is described as “a rebellious, angsty, and ready-to-start-some-trouble angel” who wants to follow in her rebellious big bro’s footsteps. Of course, Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) time on Earth has changed him so she “realize[s] Lucifer isn’t exactly the devilish big bro she hoped he’d be”.

Currently, however, we’re still waiting for season 5B to be released. Production had to be halted due to the pandemic, but filming was completed back in Sept for the finale of season 5 so hopefully we’ll get news on that release date soon.

Bec Heim