L.A. Law Sequel Series In The Works At ABC

Credit: ABC/Everett

Check the nearest elevators and make sure you have a security pass. Court is back in session for one of the most iconic courtroom dramas of the ’80s and the early ’90s. Yes, ABC is in the process of developing a sequel series to L.A. Law. Tony nominee and original cast member Blair Underwood is set to return as idealistic Jonathan Rollins. He’s also set to executive produce the series.

The original L.A. Law aired from 1986 to 1994. It earned fifteen Emmy awards and Underwood won a Golden Globe for his performance as Rollins. The series focused on the white-collar law firm McKenzie, Brackman, Cheney, and Kuzak. Created by famed writer Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher, the show focused on hot button topics such as AIDS/HIV, domestic violence, capital punishment, abortion, racism, homophobia, and others. It featured the first lesbian kiss on prime time in season 5 between characters CJ Lamb and Abby Perkins. It also featured an interracial romance between Rollins and ADA Zoey Clemmons in the show’s sixth season.

The sequel series will focus on Rollins as he retools McKenzie Brackman into a high stakes litigation firm that focuses solely on boundary-pushing and incendiary cases. So, basically, nothing’s changed, right? Wrong. Over the years, Rollins has toughened and gone from an idealistic litigator to a more conservative one, something that puts him squarely against a new character by the name of J.J. Freeman. Apparently, the pair of them frequently argue about the firm’s political and legal direction. The show will focus more on the new young lawyers with Rollins but sources say that old cast members could return if the show goes to series.

The new series will be written and executive produced by Marc Guggenheim (Arrow) as well as Ubah Mohammed (Arrow as well as Legends of Tomorrow). The series will be directed by Anthony Hemmingway. Also involved in the project is Jesse Bochco, Steven Bochco’s director-producer son, as well as Dayna Bochco, his widow. Dayna will be producing the series via Steven Bochco Productions. 20th Century Television is set to be the studio behind the new show, just as with the old one.

This is not the first time talk of a reboot has reached the airwaves. Back in 2016, Bochco himself revealed he was working on a sequel show but it never came to fruition.

No release date has been announced for the new L.A. Law. The series announcement comes on the heels of other reboots that have been announced recently including a Night Court sequel, a Little House on the Prairie reboot, and an All My Children continuation called Pine Valley. While I’m all here for sequel series, the reboots are getting a little much. However, I’m excited to see what Guggenheim, the Bochcos, and Mohammed have in store for Rollins and the rest of this new iteration of McKenzie Brackman.

Shelby Arnold
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