It’s Death To 2020 In Netflix Special From Black Mirror Team

2020, we can all admit, has probably been the worst year in recent memory.

From wildfires to tragic deaths to a global pandemic to murder hornets, it’s…it’s been a journey. And, by journey, we mean a never ending nightmare that we can never, ever wake up front. It’s a global trauma, baby.

Well Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, the creators of Black Mirror, are here to give us a comedy special. You know it’s bad when the creators of Black Mirror are resorting to comedy to lighten the mod here. Usually, they’re the ones that are depressing us further.

Brooker knows that this is departure for him.

He said, “Those who only know me through Black Mirror may not realize that when not writing speculative sci-fi about people frowning at smartphones, I’ve spent years making comedy shows in the U.K. — including many topical comedy specials. So to me, Death to 2020 feels like the collision of several different strands. (Do strands ‘collide’? No. Apologies.) But the approach for this is quite different to most of the topical comedy I’ve done in the past. For one thing, I’m not on screen presenting it — a relief for anyone watching in 4K — and it’s more character-based. In the loneliest year on record, I got to work (remotely) with writers and team members from my previous comedies, as well as many sickeningly talented people who were new to me.”

In the trailer for Death to 2020, we see celebrities play various fictional characters to discuss a year that defies description except the dumpster fire from Hell behind the Arby’s.

Brooker described the special: “Death to 2020 features fictional characters discussing real events in a bombastic mockumentary, but quite a bit sillier than that makes it sound. It felt like an apt format for Netflix, which is known for high-end documentaries, but also like a good opportunity to create a different kind of comedy special that deals with the year head-on while also showcasing some brilliant performers. I don’t love the word ‘satire,’ but there’s some of that here, alongside some angry jokes, and some goofy jokes. And hopefully, viewers will find at least one joke to their liking — because let’s face it, in 2020, any laugh you can emit, no matter how fleeting, is a small but precious victory.”

The cast includes Samuel L Jackson, Hugh Grant, Kumail Nanjiani, Tracey Ullman, Samson Kayo, Lisa Kudrow, Diane Morgan, Leslie Jones, Cristin Milioti, Joe Keery, and Laurence Fishburne.
Death to 2020 will hit Netflix on Dec. 27.
Bec Heim