His Dark Materials’ Lin-Manuel Miranda Shares His Feelings On Lee Scoresby’s Fate




Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke this week about the tragic demise of his character in the His Dark Materials franchise, the Texan aeronaut Lee Scoresby and his daemon Hester, and what this might mean for Season 3.

Miranda said that Scoresby’s death at the hands of the Magisterium’s forces, which saw him sacrifice himself so that John Parry (played by Adam Scott), the father of Will, was able to see his son one last time, was “one of the most heartbreaking deaths in literature.” He said, however, that he had been mentally geared up for how tough it would be for himself and the audience.

“I think part of me has been preparing since I signed on for the gig…..We haven’t just gotten to know Lee, we’ve gotten to know Hester and their relationship. I think that’s the extra twist that you never see coming. It’s heartbreaking in the book, and I hope we did it a bit of justice,” he said.

Although he was tight-lipped about the details of Season 3, which was recently confirmed to be going ahead, he said that “if there’s a call for Lee in a corporeal or non-corporeal form, I would be there.”

He added “my family would love to go back to Wales,” where much of the scene showing Lee’s death was filmed.

Fans of Philip Pullman’s trilogy of books, which were published over 20 years ago, will know that The Amber Spyglass, the third installment  and the one that the third season of the TV series will draw on, shows Lyra entering the World of the Dead, the place where the spirits of the deceased are doomed to reside until she and Will liberate them by opening a window allowing them to escape. When she first enters, Lyra is reunited with a number of people who have died throughout the series, including her friend Roger Parslow, who died in Season 1, and Scoresby.

Fans of Miranda, whose music and acting have generated a huge following, particularly his musical Hamilton, are sure to be hoping he will return for a scene like this in Season 3.