Alan Tudyk Is Just An Average Human (Promise) In Trailer For SYFY’s Resident Alien

What happens when alien sent to Earth to kill all humans gets wrapped up in a murder mystery in a small town?

Well that’s what we’re going to learn in the upcoming SYFY series, Resident Alien. Based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name, Alan Tudyk (Firefly) stars as “Harry”, an alien who crash-landed on Earth and is trying to pass himself off as a normal human doctor. Of course, when Harry is roped into helping investigate a local murder? That’s when things start to get dicey as he struggles to assimilate into small town life.

Meanwhile, he also contemplates some grand questions, such as “‘Are human beings worth saving?’ and ‘Why do they fold their pizza before eating it?’”

Resident Alien also stars Sara Tomko (Once Upon a Time‘s Tiger Lily), Corey Reynolds (The Closer), Alice Wetterlund (Silicon Valley) and Levi Fiehler (The Fosters).

Resident Alien premieres on Jan. 27, 2021 at 10/9c on SYFY. You can check out the first seven minutes of the premiere below.

Bec Heim