Wonder Girl Series In The Works As First DC Show Headlined By A Latinx Character

Credit: DC Comics

The CW is trying to tackle part of the Wonder Woman mythos and we are here for it.

According to EW, a Wonder Girl series is in the works at The CW. Now, the network has been trying on and off for years to get a Wonder Woman-esque show onto the airways. There was that pilot that shall not be named back in 2011 and the Amazons series that was in development before dropping off. The closest that we’ve came to the Arrowverse’s Wonder Woman was seeing Themyscira in Legends of Tomorrow season three.

In an interesting twist, however, people are not going to be very familiar with the character of Yara Flor at the center of Wonder Girl. She’s yet to make her DC debut, which will happen in 2021 with the line-wide event, Future State. Created by Joelle Jones, Yara is the daughter of an Amazonian warrior and Brazilian river god, a Latinx Dreamer who plans on using her new powers to save the world from those that seek to destroy it.

If the show goes to series at The CW, then it will be the first DC Comics show headlined by a Latinx character. Dailyn Rodriguez (Queen of the South) and Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti are attached to the executive produce the series, which has only been given a script development order at the network.

It’s unclear if the show would be part of the Arrowverse or not, so we’ll let you know.

Bec Heim