Vanessa Hudgens Is A Triple Threat In Trailer For The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Vanessa Hudgens is doing triple duty in the trailer for the sequel to 2018’s The Princess Switch.

This go around Hudgens reprises her roles as Duchess Margaret and Stacy (now Princess Stacy). Added to the mix is Lady Fiona, who is Margaret party girl cousin. With the Duchess set to inherit the throne of Montenaro.

Maragert is now split from Kevin (Nick Sagar). The well-meaning Stacy wants to help the two reunite. Fiona’s arrival, however, complicates the situation. Big time. Adding another complication to the mix? It’s the return of Antonio (Lachlan Nieboer), a handsome royal that’s known Margaret for years. Naturally, things get tricky when Kevin returns to her life.

Needless to say, Vanessa Hudgens clearly had her hands full filming this one. But we can’t wait to see the end result. With a third movie in the franchise eyeing a 2021 release, we can only assume that Hudgens is going to be playing five characters or something, and it’ll just devolve into a Christmas version of Orphan Black.

Now that’s a thought.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again hits Netflix on Nov. 19.

Bec Heim