Trailer For Euphoria’s Christmas Special Teases An Answer To The Season 1 Finale

The end of Euphoria‘s phenomenal first season left fans wondering if Rue (Zendaya) had relapsed and overdosed following her deciding not run away with her girlfriend Jules (Hunter Schafer). The finale ended with a musical number, which led fans to believe that the stress caused Rue to relapse, overdose, and, possibly, die.

In the trailer for the Euphoria Christmas special “Rue”, we see Rue in a diner, reminiscing about all the times she had with Jules and wondering whether or not she made the right decision in staying.

The trailer ends with her sponsor (Colman Domingo) snapping her out of her reverie and asking, “Why’d you call me?”

With this trailer, it certainly looks like Rue is a) not dead and b) doing what she’s supposed to do in this situation by calling her sponsor. One way or the other, we’ll have to see what the episode will bring, but Zendaya is definitely going to make us cry. We can tell.

“Rue” airs Sunday, Dec 6 at 9/8c on HBO.

Bec Heim