Disney+ Releases Trailer For Black Beauty Remake

The counterpart to movies about a boy and his dog are a girl and her horse. One of the most famous girl and her horse movies, Black Beauty, is getting a remake.

Starring Mackenzie Foy and Kate Winslet, this is a modern retelling of the book from Anna Sewell with writer-director Ashely Avis at the helm. Winslet, in the voice, will be voicing the titular horse.

Black Beauty tells the story of ” a wild, seemingly untamable horse born in the American West before rounded up and taken from her family to live at Birtwick Stables. There, the animal meets a young girl, Jo Green (Foy), who also lost her family. The two forge an unbreakable bond as new buyers threaten to take Beauty away again.”

Also starring in the film are Iain Glen, Claire Forlani, and Calam Lynch.

Black Beauty rides into Disney+ on Nov. 27.

Bec Heim