Batwoman Season 2 Teaser Gives New Look At Javicia Leslie In The Batsuit

Batwoman is set to return in January. With that return, we have a brand new woman in the Batsuit with Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), who steps in after Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) disappearance from Gotham.

While we’ve seen Leslie’s turn in the suit, we haven’t seen much from set. In a new 17-second teaser, however, we get to see a little of Leslie in the role. And she sees pretty fun, cheerfully chirping “hi” to the bad guy before punching them.

We love her already.

In the teaser, she’s wearing Rose’s old Batwoman suit before, eventually, transitioning to her own look, which was recently released. Upon the release of the photos of the new costume, showrunner Caroline Dries said,”Ryan’s journey starts from a place of ‘What can this Batsuit do for me?’ But it’s not long before she realizes the power of its symbol and what it can do for everyone else in Gotham City. As Ryan embraces everything that makes her special, she adjusts the suit to fit her physically and figuratively. This meant creating a new body design and new cowl that was undeniably a statement that screamed ‘powerful.'”

Batwoman season two will premiere on Jan. 17 at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim