Amazon’s Upcoming Series The Wilds Gives A YA Vibe To Lost In First Look

Credit: Amazon Studios

Amazon released a first look via Entertainment Weekly for their upcoming YA series, The Wilds.

In the show, there’s a sort of Lost meets Lord of the Flies sort of vibe here. Instead of a passenger plane full of strangers or boarding school boys going savage without adult supervision, a group of different teenage girls find themselves on a mystery island following a plane crash.

In the description, it reads, “Part survival drama, part dystopian slumber party, The Wilds follows a group of teen girls from different backgrounds who must fight for survival after a plane crash strands them on a deserted island.”

The girls have to deal with some serious new circumstances as castaways while also learning about each other and what secrets they keep. There may be a bigger reason why this particular group of girls have ended up together in the first place from terrible relationships and the facades that they keep on the world at large.

Now, how will the island change them? Will it be for better or for worse? If this goes full on Lord of the Flies?

The Wilds comes from creator/executive producer Sarah Streicher (Daredevil) and executive producer/showrunner Amy B. Harris (The Carrie Diaries).

The Wilds premiere date has not been announced at this time, but it will be available to stream on Amazon Video.

Bec Heim