New York Comic Con Reveals First Pics From Doctor Who Holiday Special

Credit: James Pardon/BBCA

On Thursday the New York Comic Con kicked off its COVID-safe virtual self with some standout panels.

BBC America’s Doctor Who panel brought together The Doctor herself, Jodie Whitaker, along with the Doctor’s companions Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Yaz (Mandip Gill).

During the panel the subject of the Holiday Special came up, and fans were treated to a very first view of two new pictures from said special.

The first is above, and shows The Doctor in a prison cell, where we left her at the end of the last season after her capture by the Judoon. It does look like she might have been there for some time, given the wall markings. The storyline is that the Doctor has been locked up for life in a maximum security prison – what that means for a Timelord with the ability to regenerate may be addressed during the show.

The second photo is here:

Credit: James Pardon/BBCA

This shows Yaz, Graham and Ryan (Tosin Cole),round a distinctly Earthly table. The storyline for the companions is that they are back on Earth, in Sheffield, alone and with no idea where or how the Doctor is.

Coping with getting on with normal life after their experience with the Doctor is difficult enough, but then they discover a plot involving one of the Doctor’s oldest enemies – The Daleks!

They know they have to do their best to deal with the Dalek menace, and they know that failure could be the end of Earth – but how can they defeat such an enemy without the Doctor?

Revolution Of The Daleks is on the Holiday schedule from BBC America, but as yet the exact date and time haven’t been revealed. What is confirmed is that BBC America will be showing their traditional Doctor Who marathon between Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Filming for the latest season is planned to start before the end of the year, and the panel’s final word from Bradley Walsh is that it’s going to be “an unbelievable series, an unbelievable year of Titanic proportions!”

Carolyn Hucker