Billie Eilish Releases Music Video For Her Bond Theme For No Time To Die

Billie Eilish is here to remind that she’s definitely a badass with her music for her Bond theme for No Time to Die.

Now, obviously, it’s not a full on music video. It’s a mix of Eilish singing directed by Daniel Kleinman with No Time to Die scenes mixed in. Eilish broke the record for being the youngest singer ever to sing a Bond Theme for any movie.

In a statement, she said, “It feels crazy to be a part of this in every way. To be able to score the theme song to a film that is part of such a legendary series is a huge honor.”

In No Time to Die, a retired Bond (Daniel Craig) is pulled back into the spy game by his CIA pal Felix (Jeffrey Wright), who asks for his help in rescuing a kidnapped scientist (David Dencik). It sends Bond off on an adventure to Cuba and on the tale of the mysterious Safin (Rami Malek).

No Time to Die will be released on Nov. 20.

Bec Heim