The Flash Boss Teases Storyline Inspired By Recent “Societal Changes” Where Joe “Rises Up”

Credit: The CW

The Flash, like several other shows with procedural elements, will be taking inspiration from recent real life events with its cop character. In particular, Joe West (Jesse L Martin) will have his own big storyline in season 7.

For those of you who don’t know, the Black Lives Matter movement have been protesting against police brutality, systemic racism, and other issues all throughout the summer following the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others over the course of 2020. Shows such as Lucifer also plan on tackling the topic in their upcoming seasons.

Showrunner Eric Wallace talked with EW about the upcoming storyline.

“Because with everything we’re all waking up to each day in 2020, I felt there was a great opportunity here — even within our fantastical, family-oriented show — to comment indirectly on truths folks could easily recognize. And do so in an entertaining way.”

He didn’t get too in-depth about what to expect from the storyline, which will take place toward the middle of season 7, but Wallace did promise that Joe will be tested like he never has before.

“As we’re working our way through Joe’s wonderful story line this year, Joe gets challenged by the events of the world that are going on nowadays. Of course, in a sci-fi superhero way, because we’re on a superhero show. And he really rises up. I’m so proud of the character and I’m so excited for Jesse to take Joe in just a little bit of a new direction. Because Joe’s a good man with a good heart. And if he sees injustice, he’s not a person who turns a blind eye to it. He’s a person who says something and does something.”

Wallace then added, “t will be very obvious as Joe goes through these changes and ends up in a place that’s unexpected for him, but that is honorable and very aware of today’s problems from a law perspective. So it’s made the storytelling for his character’s story line, I think, the most exciting thing that I’ve been able to write for him since I’ve been the showrunner. I just can’t wait for folks to see it.”

The Flash will return in 2021 with new episodes on The CW.

Bec Heim