Sarah Paulson On Returning To Set In A COVID World Ahead Of AHS And Impeachment Filming

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The beginning of September usually marks peak promo period for Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. The new title sequence will have been released, a huge number of teaser trailers will have be dissected and analysed to the nth degree in the hope of getting the smallest hint of what the new season has in store for us. However, like so many other productions this year, COVID has thrown a spanner in the works for the horror anthology’s 10th season and instead of counting down the days to the premiere, we’re counting down the days till filming will begin. And there’s even more excitement about this upcoming season. Not only is it the 10th (a major TV milestone) but we once again have AHS-stable Sarah Paulson rejoining the cast after sitting out season 9’s 1984 to focus on another Murphy vehicle – the upcoming Netflix series Ratched (released later this month).

Last week, Murphy announced that AHS will begin filming in October (all going well with COVID). In his Instagram post, Murphy expressed his thanks to “everyone who is working hard to assure a safe start for the cast and crew”. During recent press interviews for Ratched, Paulson gave fans insight into what filming in a COVID-world is now like.

“In terms of protocols, you can’t even imagine the emails I get and the documents I get,” she revealed to The Wrap. “And the consideration around all of it has been extraordinary. Disney and Ryan Murphy Television have all been very, very on top of it. And so I feel as protected as I can feel, given that I will be mask-free, working on a set around a bunch of people. So it’s definitely intimidating and nervewracking. But I’ve been told by people who have done it, that the lead up to it — because we’ve all been our houses for months and months and all of a sudden what was normal, to spend hours and hours on set with over a hundred people, now seems so far away and so impossible to imagine that the thought of doing it feels really scary. But apparently, once you’re there and see all the protocols that have been taken, people tend to feel more relaxed than they expected to. So here’s hoping.”

We’re certainly hoping that is the case as AHS is not the only Murphy production Paulson will soon return to set for. She is set to suit up as Linda Tripp in the third season of American Crime Story, Impeachment. Focussing on the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, Impeachment is first up to begin filming. “Impeachment I’m starting very, very soon,” Paulson said. “In the next few weeks, actually. That’s the plan, anyway. That could of course change, because everything is very much alive in that way and changing constantly.”

You can next see Paulson in Ratched, which drops on Netflix September 18.

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