Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman In Laughing Man Coffee Commercial

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have a special sort of friendship.

Namely that they enjoy messing with each other, deeply. The two frenemies are back at it again in a commercial for Jackman’s Laughing Man coffee. In the video, you can see Reynolds narrate (and troll) Jackman through his morning routine.

Of course, as Reynolds goes through the morning, we see an increasingly grumpy Jackman until he has that Laughing Man coffee. According to Reynolds, it’s “the nicest f—-ing coffee on earth”, which isn’t an exaggeration. According to the brand, they donate “100 percent of Hugh’s profits to fair trade farmers around the world”.

Also it keeps Hugh Jackman from snapping on us all. Which is something we don’t need in 2020. Keep Hugh Jackman happy and keep buying his coffee.

Bec Heim