Ryan Reynolds Reminds You That Aviation Gin Is Here To Help You Through Homeschool Via Quarantine

As we enter month eight million and two of COVID-19 quarantine, most kids are not going into the physical school building. Because, you know, that’s the smart situation here.

So that means parents are still homeschooling their kids. Or, said children are having Zoom class meetings. Either way, it’s back to school season during a pandemic. Oh boy, stress levels are high.

Ryan Reynolds is here to remind you all that Aviation Gin is here to help you during back to school season in a new commercial.

“It’s back to school time, which this year, has a whole new meaning. That’s why today, I’m introducing Aviation American Gin Home School edition. It’s just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love, but with more ounces. It can help with a variety of subjects. Fourth-grade geography, whatever the f*** new math is. And revisiting your own long-forgotten middle school traumas.”

Thanks, Ryan. We almost forgot about middle school. Top notch humor though and it shows that Reynolds is killing the advertisement game.

Bec Heim