Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles Are Becoming Netflix Original Movies

Credit: Disney Hyperion

Rick Riordan has been busy, folks!

First, we get the news that Percy Jackson is getting a television series on Disney+. Now, we have news that The Kane Chronicles is heading to Netflix.

According to EWNetflix has picked up the series in order to make original movies based on the books, which are focused on Egyptian Mythology. The series follows siblings Carter and Sadie, who are magicians and descended from the Pharaohs. When the Egyptian Gods start to awaken and their Egyptologist father goes missing, the pair are locked in a desperate fight for their family.

“We have been working on this deal since last October, about the same time we started working on [Disney+’s] Percy, and I’m so glad I can now announce it! That’s all I can say for the moment, but stay tuned.” Riordan wrote on his website over the weekend.

There’s no timeline on when The Kane Chronicles will hit Netflix.

Bec Heim

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