Nick Frost And Simon Pegg Go Ghost Hunting In Trailer For Amazon’s Truth Seekers

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are channeling their love of supernatural based television into a new series from Amazon, Truth Seekers. Quite frankly, we’re here for anything that features the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz duo.

According to EW, the series “concerns a team of part-time paranormal investigators who team up to uncover and film ghost sightings across the UK, sharing their adventures on an online channel for all to see. However, as they stake out haunted churches, underground bunkers, and abandoned hospitals with their array of homemade ghost-detecting gizmos, their supernatural experiences grow more frequent, more terrifying, and even deadly, as they begin to uncover a conspiracy that could bring about Armageddon for the entire human race.”

Needless to say, this ragtag group has a lot on their plate going forward.

Samson Kayo, Malcolm McDowell, Emma D’Arcy, and Susan Wokoma also star in the series.

Truth Seekers premieres on Amazon on Oct. 30.

Bec Heim