Live-Action Series Based On Marvel’s Silk In The Works At Sony Pictures Television

Credit: Marvel

If you’re looking for that next Marvel fix, then good news! A Silk series is in the works from Sony Pictures Television.

As Sony still owns the copyright for the majority of Spider-Man characters, it makes sense that sooner or later they would have branched into a live-action series based on a Spidey character. Silk, aka Cindy Moon, is a freaking great one.

Moon, a Korean-American classmate of Peter Parker’s, has a very similar origin to Spidey. She gets bitten by a radioactive spider, but has a different power set. She has super-speed, shoots webbing from her fingertips, and possesses a more advanced Spidey sense. In the MCU, she’s played by Tiffany Espensen. Though it’s unknown if the series itself will be connected to the MCU.

Lauren Moon, who worked on Good Trouble and Atypical, is in talks to write. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to executive produce the project under their Lord Miller production banner. While no network and streaming service has snapped the project at this time, Variety says that Amazon is in talks to acquire it along with any other future Marvel series with the characters that Sony controls.

Bec Heim