Julie And The Phantoms EPs Break Down The Premise For This Spooky Musical Series

Three of the main characters die in the first 10 minutes of Julie and the Phantoms, but they come back as ghosts. So it’s kind of okay.

Charlie Gillespie (Charmed), Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time) and Owen Joyner (Knight Squad) are a 90s band about to have their big break, but then they die from gnarly hotdogs. Yikes. Skip forward 25 years, they meet someone who can actually see them: Julie (Madison Reyes).

For some reason though whenever Julie sees the boys can appear as her “holographic” back-up band. We’re down for this. We need some silly musical spookiness, even if the series doesn’t get all that spooky.

Talking with TVLineshowrunners Dan Cross and David Hoge teased a bit of what to expect for the upcoming show.

Like how people shouldn’t ask too many questions about how this weird magic thing works, “No one knows the truth about ghosts, so we can really do whatever we want,” Hoge said.

Touche, sir.

According to Hoge, there’s also going to be a gay member of the Phantoms as well. Which, if you’re a supernatural loving LGBTQ+ person, is definitely going to fulfill a lifelong fantasy.

“We purposely address it in a very simple way. Dan and I are big believers of ‘do unto others’ and teaching by example. We’d like to think our shows have done that. If you can show a relationship on television that feels like the norm, maybe people will start to think of it as the norm. This is how it is. This is life, so get on board.”

Julie and the Phantoms is available on Netflix.

Bec Heim