Disney+ Docuseries Marvel 616 Explores The Real Life Impact Of Comics In First Teaser

The first trailer for the Marvel docuseries Marvel 616 has been released, and it definitely looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride. In each episode of the eight-episode series, we explore “how Marvel comics and characters have influenced our own real-life world.”

Each episode of the docuseries is tackled by a variety of starry filmmakers that include, in order of their episodes: David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Paul Scheer (The League), Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside the New York Times), Sarah Ramos (Parenthood), Brian Oakes (Abstract: The Art of Design), and Alsion Brie (G.L.O.W.).

Each episode tackles a different topic as well from cosplay culture to the Marvel Spotlight plays to the version of Spider-Man that’s only known in Japan. It all promises to be an interesting watch for the most diehard comic fan.

All eight episodes of Marvel 616 will be released on Disney+ on Nov. 20.

Bec Heim