Certified Youth Paul Rudd Is Here To Remind You All To Wear Your Masks

Let’s make something clear.

Paul Rudd is immortal, or some kind of cosmic being given human form. Why? The man has not aged in 30 years for one. Rudd is here to talk to his fellow youths about wearing their goddamn face masks in public. C’mon people. Wear the masks!

Talking on behalf of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, Rudd reaches out to the kids with a skateboard and some Tik Tok dances. Because they need to wear their face masks.

“I’m not going to preach at you, like some celebrity. This is a convo where I talk, and you shut up and wear your mask.”

So, fellow youths, be like your fellow youth Paul Rudd and wear your face mask in public.

Bec Heim

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