4 Your Consideration: This Is Why Earning CompTIA Security+ Certification Should Be in Your To-Do List

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Wondering how to get into the world of cybersecurity and explore abundant opportunities present in the industry? Stop thinking and start preparing for the CompTIA Security+ certification and its related Author: DENNIS K SY0-501 assessment. This badge can make you a cybersecurity connoisseur in no time. By imparting the latest and high-end cybersecurity knowledge in the candidate, this credential acts as the ideal career launch pad for specialists of all kinds. Effortlessly, it validates a whole bunch of baseline skills that any entry-level cybersecurity specialist should need. This article throws light on the key reasons to go for this prestigious certification:

  • Great recognition at the global level

Having baseline knowledge is not enough. Your knowledge and learning should be verified and known to the world as well. And if there is any way to bring your cybersecurity knowledge into the world’s attention, then it’s only possible through earning the Author: ALFIE L Security+ badge. It is recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and meets all the ISO/IEC 17024 standard compliances. Hence, no one can ever question your skills and their viability.

  • Admittance to the better skillset

The CompTIA Security+ is a precisely designed credential which ensures that the candidate is the master of the right kind of skills. The entire certification focuses on the top six skills:

  • Technologies as well as Tools;
  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities;
  • Identity & Access Management;
  • Architecture & Design;
  • Risk Management;
  • Cryptography & API.
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This skill set is what real-time cybersecurity job profiles demand. Once you have them, no HR manager will be able to ignore your competency and will consider you as an ideal candidate for the job.

  • Gain an edge over your peers

Today’s world is highly competitive and it’s not a secret anymore. Your regular degree is not enough to help you grab the dream job. You need something extraordinary. The CompTIA Security+ is that significant element that makes you a step closer to your dream job. The entire certification layout has been designed to make a candidate a problem-solver in the real world. Companies hiring the Author: JOSHUA C Security+ specialists know that they are job-ready and can be proved as very useful manpower. So, don’t give a second thought to pursuing this Security+ badge.

  • Choose hands-on knowledge

Passing the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam demands a lot of hands-on knowledge. This assessment contains a considerable number of performance-based questions. To answer them correctly, a candidate has to practice in a Author: FREDDIE V real-time scenario. So, by the time candidates become experts in such question types, they should have earned great hands-on knowledge.

  • More job opportunities and a bigger salary

The way the Security+ brightens your learning at multiple levels pays you in the long run. This certification makes you an ideal candidate for multiple job positions such as systems administrator, network administrator, junior IT auditor, penetration tester, and security administrator. What is more, your salary will immensely increase once you get Author: ETHAN B CompTIA certified. According to the info available on Payscale.com, your annual average earnings will be $74,552. You will have plenty of opportunities once the Security+ backs you.

In Conclusion

The CompTIA Security+ certification is an ideal way to acquire the best-of-breed skill set that entry-level cybersecurity job roles demand. Besides, this badge instills the industry-standard qualification and learning Author: ARCHIE N in the holders of the Security+ and makes them job-ready. So, if you’re thinking to make a career into cybersecurity, consider passing SY0-501 at first.