The Wait Continues: Season 3 of Derry Girls “Substantially Delayed”

Credit: Channel 4

The director of programmes for Channel 4, Ian Katz, has confirmed that the third season of the hit comedy Derry Girls has been substantially delayed by the pandemic. Filming was due to start in June 2020 but was postponed when the outbreak of Covid-19 brought a halt to all TV and film productions.

Describing the show, which follows the hilarious and touching antics of a group of teenagers in Troubles-era Northern Ireland, as “the most close-up, intimate production,” Katz said that the biggest frustration for the show’s makers had been that “Derry Girls has been quite substantially delayed because, [out] of pretty much everything we make, it’s the hardest thing to make with social distancing.”

The show’s fans are sure to be disappointed at having no definite confirmation of production picking up where it left off, despite how TV and film sets have tried to adopt social distancing measures – something they can achieve more easily than theatres, which require social distancing among the audience as well as the cast.

Nicola Coughlan, the actress playing Clare spoke about the third season back in June: “We were meant to start filming around now. We made the second series back in 2018, so it’s been a long time since we’ve been together filming.”

She also said that “We’ve all been in contact with one another and just seeing how we’re getting on (during lockdown). We’re close and we share that bond with one another.

“It was mad because when this all started, I think your brain makes assumptions to make you feel better, like, ‘It’ll just be a month, it’ll be fine.’

“But filming has been put on hold for now which sucks, and we’re all really excited to go back and start again and see the scripts because we actually haven’t.”