New Broadway Whodunit Cast Features Will Roland, Rob McClure, Solea Pfeiffer And More


The online Mystery Broadway Whodunit? continues into the next round with an amazing cast. And here is all you need to know about it!

First of all: What is Broadway Whodunit? It’s an interactive online Murder Mystery Party created by Broadway actor Andrew Barth Feldman. He told that he has been doing murder mystery parties with friends for years, where everyone gets into costume and comes to his house to solve the Mystery of who the murder is.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic it wasn’t possible to do that and Feldman found a way to have a murder mystery party with friends over Zoom “and it went so well, it was perfect and almost more intimate in a strange way. I thought I could turn it into a Broadway thing that everyone can watch and enjoy.” he said in the interview.

Broadway Whodunit? is the second online entertainment segment since the pandemic. He is also the creator of the Broadway Jackbox streams that raise money for the Actors Fund.

credits: Broadway Whodunit

Murder at Montgomery Manor was the first Broadway Whodunit? event on August 1. Players and participants joined the party of Laurence and Ernestia Montgomery. On this evening the murder of Teddy Carmichael takes place.

Big obvious question: Who done it? The people watching from home got the chance to explore different rooms (live streams), access to all the evidence that come up throughout the streaming event and were able to make their own guess on who the murder is.

The cast included Andrew Barth Feldman as Laurence Montgomery, Samantha Williams as Ernestina Montgomery, Shereen Pimentel as Sen. Dianna Churchill, Will Roland as Teddy Carmichael, Alex Boniello as Teddy’s Lawyer Giuseppe Romano, Gaten Matarazzo as Robert Otto, CTO and owner of the same company as Teddy, Antonio Cipriano as chef Jean Paul Pepperoni and Reneé Rapp as Astrid Fox, the company president.

Now it’s time for the second Broadway Whodunit?

It’s titled Escape from Camp Eerie, with a new cast that was announced on the Broadway Whodunit Website, along with information of the new characters: Rob McClure as the camp director Terry Connelly, while Lesli Margherita plays the camp owner, Violetta DeCheese. Solea Pfeiffer as Guinevere Sekelsky, who is the Yoga, Embroidery, etc. Instructor.  Emily Rosenstein and Joshua Rosenbaum, the counselors, will be played by Gabrielle Carrubba and Sky Lakota-Lynch.

Celia Rose Gooding joins in as the CIT, Rebecca Garfinkel and the investor Yani Van Monaco will be played by Jason Tam. Andrew Barth Feldman comes back as the investor’s son, X7Ü Van Monaco. Also returning to Broadway Whodunit? are Will Roland as the Groundskeeper Mort Havel and Alex Boniello playing Doug “Doogie” Boggins, The Lunch Master.

Broadway Whodunit? Escape from Camp Eerie starts August 30th 6pm EST. Tickets for this event are $21.30. If you want to be part of this, tickets are available for purchase on the Broadway Whodunit Website.