Here’s When To Catch The Next Six Episodes Of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Reboot

Credit: Netflix

Fans of Netflix’s reboot of the classic series Unsolved Mysteries should mark their calendars. The streaming giant, when ordering the reboot of the series, ordered 12 episodes. Netflix has decided to release these in six part installments.

The first six episodes were released on July 1. The next will be released on Oct. 19, according to EW. What better than celebrating spooky season, then having some murder thrown in the mix? Unsolved Mysteries was made for that time of year after all.

In true Unsolved Mysteries fashion, Netflix and the series made a bit of a mystery of finding the release date. In a creepy blurry photo, the date for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is hidden at the bottom of the panel of the photo.

Fun right? Check it out below.


Bec Heim